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First animation: WOOO!

2009-03-27 12:12:42 by aMONKEYonWEED

I finally finished my first animation and posted it in Newgrounds. I think im getting pretty good ratings for my first time and everyone is giving me good advice and saying good things about it. I thought at first people would not like it, but it seems i was wrong.

Next animation i will make will probably be a lot longer and probably a lot better looking. I will get a drawing pad so i won't have to use a mouse to draw, which is the main reason is was so short, because i really did not like drawing like that, and it was giving me a headache. So next week when i get my drawing pad, i start making my first animation.

Btw...if anyone has any suggestions for a good, cheap (between $0-$250) it would be appreciated.

In the meanwhile, thank you all for a very good experience with my flash animation, i hope everyone is as nice as who has written recently.